Recording Services

Vocals, Drums, Guitars, Bass, Keyboards and all you need to record in one single place.

Exclusive gear and all times classics at your disposition!

Music and Sound Design


Enough With The Witch - Birdy GamesEnough With The Witch - Birdy Games

Enough With The Witch - Birdy Games

Original Music and Sound FX

Original Music for Cine

Specialized in Horror and Science Fiction, we create dark and oppressive music with cinematographic motifs.

La Funeraria - Del Toro Films

Original Music and Sound Design

Sound Design and FX

Creating dark and sinister atmospheres is our specialty, we also have a large portfolio of sound designs for suspense and drama.

Perhaps the most magic moment! The recording is the most precious stage of production, when we need to achieve a perfect take (not always) that will lust forever . The process and the experience are the most important , as musician we believe that the charm created is the key and we work for it!


Recording and Tracking



Get that unique tone! even technology has improved hugely still there is a big gap between emulations and real gear results. A complete exquisite signal chain that worked for the legends would be perfect to distinguish your music.


Drum Session Recording

A great sounding drum set with a high resolution gear chain to recording in a prepared room are not always at the hand, and if you have it, you still need a small detail missing, a drummer ...
We have all this and can be at your disposition.


Vocal Production & Recording

Vocal are the more important, the first you hear, the last you forget. Simply can not fail of be a weak point in your!
All the options you need are available for a great vocal production.

Vermin Studio specializes in Music Production and Sound design to acchieve the most high demanding standards of the audiovisual industry in a creative way.


Back Line Rental

Vermin Studio also provides back line rental with a selection of premium amps and drums to cover de more demanding artists requirements. Unique jems in a great preservation condition and the new industry standards.


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